Why Quality Enzymes Does Not Provide Important Information About Our Products?

Dear Friends in health,

Unfortunitly, do to Google Advertisement polices, we are not allowed to provide you with any information and or claims about what our products actually do when advertising with Google adwords. And most importantly - how they may help with chronic health conditions.

You may be asking yourself...what happened to free speech!?

The Good News - You can now visit the new www.qualityenzymes.com website where you can learn all about the products and to purchase. Or simply, email us what product you are interested in and i will email you back the direct link to the product.

My direct email qualityenzymes@gmail.com

You can be reasured, i will not add your email address to our customer contact list unless you ask me to do so. However, if you are interested, please visit constant contact on our home page.

Best in health!

Chris Tardio

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