Top 5 Actions of Systemic Enzymes in the Body How Enzyme Therapy Helps Chronic Pain & Inflammation

Systemic enzymes in the body diminish as you age

As your body ages, the production of systemic enzymes slows down. Enzymes are biocatalysts that help your body carry out all of the chemical reactions it needs to function. As enzyme production diminishes, you tend to experience more aches and pains. It is common for people who were healthy in their youth to experience more frequent injuries accompanied by pain and inflammation as they age. Many people accept this as a fact of life and take Tylenol or Aspirin on a regular basis to manage the pain. However, it is not a coincidence that as enzyme levels are depleted, chronic pain and inflammation associated with illness and injury increases. Rather than using pain pills to treat the symptoms of aging, you can actually replace systemic enzymes in the body and avoid the symptoms all together. Enzyme therapy helps chronic pain and other ailments by performing five major functions.

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